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Support the work of

We're excited about what God is doing with our work, helping us to provide a spiritual home for all. 

As we grow, so will our needs : for time, energy, and financial resources.  

Your support, of any amount, is a gift that helps us continue our work and bring us together.  


1) The Mustard Seed Project is an extension of Roswell Presbyterian Church - we exist under their 501(c)3 non-profit staus and they are helping us with all of our accounting and administrative behind-the-scenes work.  We are grateful for that!

2) Any donation you make to The Mustard Seed Project goes directly to The Mustard Seed Project, and not to Roswell Presbyterian Church.  We keep a separate accounting of these monies to ensure that your donations go to the proper account.

3) All donations are tax-deductible, and while we keep records of all donations so that we can say "Thank You," we suggest that you also keep a personal record of your donations.

Some details to know before you give:
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